Acupuncture For Quit Smoking ( Case 1)

Male, 70 years old, Abbotsford BC

This patient was referred to our clinic by his wife to quit smoking, because his wife is worried about his health. He had been smoking for 50 years, about 40 cigarettes per day. He had been trying to quit for years with no success. His tongue was red with a yellow, greasy coating. This showed that the long-term smoking has damaged his lungs' yin and retained heat ( toxins ) in his body.

For this patient, the treatment focused on calming the mind, and reducing the craving for smoking. The acupuncture also regulated the sympathetic/parasympathetic nerve system to reduce the symptoms followed by quitting smoking, such as an uneasy or agitated feeling, lack of concentration, shaking, sweating, etc.

Acupuncture points for this patient include Li4, Ht7, Sp6 ST36 Ki3 and the special point "Tianmei" for quitting smoking. Points to detoxify the body were also added, such as Li11 and Sp9.

After the first treatment, his wife told me that her husband said " my brain lost connection with cigarettes“. He smoke 12 cigarettes per day. After one month treatment ( total 6 times treatment ) , He stopped smoking and has not relapsed since. .

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