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Jessica Feng , Nathan Mao are couple and professionals for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Jessica Feng , a qualified TCM practitioner, graduated from China Medical University in 1987 and worked as attending Doctor in Liaoning Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has obtained her Master degree of  Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2002. She has practiced acupuncture and traditional Chinese therapy for almost 30 years and has extensive clinical experience both in Canada and China.Jessica Feng offers many types of bodywork treatments including Acupuncture, Acupressure, Cupping Therapy , and Ear therapy. Nathan Mao is registered acupuncturist. He specializes in  pause diagnosis, pain management ,pain-free acupuncture, abdominal acupuncture therapy,cosmetic acupuncture , and more.

Lijuan Feng (Jessica Feng) MD. R.TCM.  

Xiaofeng Mao ( Nathan Mao) MS.R.Ac












Within a few appointments I was feeling relief in my shoulder that I had injured over 20 years ago. When I booked my first appointment I could hardly pick up even light weight items with my right arm due to the injury of my shoulder. Today I have full use of this shoulder. As well, I had explained that I struggle with breathing although I had quit smoking 25 years ago. I had been diagnosed as having stage 1 emphysema and told back then if I quit smoking it would not get worse although I would get alergies as time went on. I struggle with perfumes and smoke to the point that I can not breath in . So when we have smoke from the forest fires I struggle with breathng. I was having lots of trouble breathing one afternoon when I arrived for my appointment and was informed that acupunture would help me with relief because my muscles in the chest were too tight and not allowing me to take in enough air. Two appointments and I can take in more air than I have in years. How do I spell relief? Jessica and Nathan!   


Sue Hayden


Who would think that one treatment could steady tremors in my extended hand and stop my fingers from moving. But that's what happened. With each on going treatment the tremors started to stabilize. Now it's the occasional tremors in my thumb when I 'm nervous but from what it was there is no comparison. What keeps me coming back to address other longstanding health challenges is it's effective and affordable. It's really true when they say they are focus on getting you better. Their words are back up by Jessica and Nathan 's training and experience which is making a big difference in addressing each of my health concerns. I highly recommend them because they have made a difference since I've been going to them for my longstanding and short term health concerns.

Betty Ann Stagg



What a great feeling to walk and sit without constant pain. I feel like a new person! I was suffering depression and other ailments from a severe car accident, but now am almost completely pain free! This husband and wife team really listen to your needs and do their work with understanding and compassion. A Grateful Patient, Marily PS: Tell your friends ___they will be grateful too.


Marilyn Mandziuk


I was dealing with Headache almost every day from an old neck injury, I tried many different treatments and nothing really worked. I had problems falling a sleep and actually getting a good night sleep. Then dizzy spells with more headache was an almost every day thing. Till I started seeing Dr. Feng, they took the time to listen and really diagnose where my Nr. 1 Problem is. Trough my Injury on my neck, the Blood Circulation to my head was limited, ever since we started Acupuncture, it slowly got better and better. My headaches and dizzy spells are rear and my sleeping improved almost 100%. I totally recommend Acupuncture. My son was dealing with viral Asthma, the Dr.'s just kept on giving him Asthma pumps and not looking into the reason why. Dr. Feng's chinese medicine knowledge really helped him. He was sick 2 times since and no Asthma pump needed.

Lony Enns


Dr. Nathan and Dr. Jessica have significantly reduced my chronic neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. I now have more energy, sleep better, and overall sense of well being! They provide gentle, kind, knowledgeable treatment of acupunture and traditional Chinese medicine. All reasonably priced! Thank you so much Dr. Nathan and Dr. Jessica! I am so glad I found you! Especially after so many years of trying different modalities of treatment with only temporary relief! I can now work more productively as a dental hygienist.

Raquel Villa

New Patient?

New Patient?

We are located in the Lincon Court , just opposite the medical Tower .

Unit 11, park at rear

I have found the acupuncture very helpful. It has helped me be calm in dealing with traumatic injuries. I have found Dr. Nathan & Jessica very attentive and caring. I felt at ease in their presence and it has brought me to a new level of healing.


Dianne G

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I hurt my back and could barely walk or sit without being in a large amount of pain. I stumbled across Abby community acupuncture looking for a solution and am so glad I did. The practioners here care and are helping me fix a long-standing back problem that I would ignore whenever it flared up. Definitely recommend to anyone needing a good acupuncturist!

Alyssa Di Lazzaro



I have been seeing Dr.Feng & Dr. Mao for approximately 6 weeks now and cannot recommend them highly enough. As a child I had received acupuncture treatment for my recurring asthma attacks and was completely relieved of these episodes, so my belief in the benefits of TCM was very strong (for a well documented report on this, I suggest watching BBC "The science of acupuncture" released in 2014. Well written and completely unbiased) and therefore had no hesitation when it came to searching out this as a treatment option for my conditions of late. However, much to my dismay, I could not find Drs who had enough expertise to go beyond just the practice of acupuncture....until I was referred to this clinic. I was the 6th in line within a month (unrelated to reviewers on this panel) of "word of mouth" and I can truly say after a few sessions I saw a vast improvement in my health. Their knowledge goes past treating what seems to be just the one area of concern. As an example, I came in with heavy bouts of anxiety, disrupted sleeping patterns, motion sickness, strong heart palpitations, and a thyroid function deficiency that were severely affecting my everyday activities (Sad to say, I was a complete mess) However, after following with a few (with what seems primitive) exams, Dr.Mao and Dr. Feng found the underlying cause to my ailments and within 3 weeks (6 sessions) I started sleeping better, my emotions were calmer, crying spells all but relieved and heart palpitations more normal with. Additionally, their clinic is very clean and their standards of hygiene are very high. They never make you feel rushed and their concern for your well-being is very palpable. (however, their clientele is growing so I recommend for as long as it lasts going on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday as it's a bit slower and may be able to spend a bit more time with them). I am deeply deeply grateful for how they have helped and for the first time in a long time I can truly say I felt I was going to be okay...


Lesly R W

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  • Car injury/sports injury

  • Pain relief

  • knee pain/ neck pain/ back pain 

  • anxiety/depression

  • Vertigo

  • loss weight

  • stress

  • quit smoking

  • Migrate/Headache

  • infertility

  • insomnia

  • asthma

  • allergies

  • arthritis

  • Bell’s palsy

  • high blood pressure

  • bipolar disorder

  • digestive problems

  • fibromyalgia

  • menstrual issues

  • menopause

  • gynecologic conditions

  • prostate problems

  • memory problems

  • support through cancer treatments that cause nausea and other side effects


I went for acupuncture because of recurrent headaches, violent bouts of vertigo, and sudden hearing loss. After only one session, my symptoms improved dramatically. My GP offered no help, except drugs to control the vertigo. I have complete faith in acupuncture, because it has worked for me !

Kathy Weibe

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Abbotsford Community Acupuncture Clinic is 
one of the best Acupuncture and TCM clinic acupuncture, abdominal acupuncture therapy,cosmetic acupuncture , and more.

Abbotsford Community Acupuncture Clinic is one of the best  Acupuncture and TCM clinics in Abbotsford.  With nearly 30 years experience, Jessica and Nathan provide

acupuncture, hot cupping , and herbal therapy that benefits your overall wellness.   We care people and provide professional and the most effective treatment for you. Please look at the review , We are glad to be your local health consultant at anytime. 

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